Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Soy Inflavones & more BFNs

So to cut a long story short I am addicted to POAS! Plus the second lot of spotting this past month couldn't have been implantation as today I am showing a BFN again.

I decided to do some reading up on Soy Inflavones, apparently they're 'natures clomid' and I have had to order some to see if there is proof in the pudding...

There are different cd days you can take them on but I'm looking at taking 120mg per night cd2-6 and see what happenes, from what I have read on a few forums a lot of women have been TTC for ages and then gotten their BFP with this. It's actually a HRT menopausal medication meant to help hot flushes etc. So whenever AF shows I will start taking it as I said 2 through 6 and let you girls know what happens, I would be happy to even get a +ve opk on it as I very rarely ovulate! I will keep you updated!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Love & hate symptom spotting... Scans

Soooooo,  I had my scan for my PCOS update, I didn't drink enough however so I had to have the to put it nicely... internal scan, the sonographer could not tell me much only that my ovaries have the typical pearl necklace look to them for PCOS which is like what I had last time, I now have to wait for my consultant to contact me regarding maybe clomid :D I can't tell you how exciting that is...

In other bits... I have been symptom spotting like mad, after having spotting in late October and now spotting the last few days and today I have had creamy CM and the spotting has stopped? I couldn't resist but do a HPT but it was NEGATIVE :( boo hiss, I may do one in the morning and if that is still negative I may wait another week or so because the little hope left inside me is whispering in my ear maybe the spotting I most recently had was implantation?!?!?!?! Who knows, so I'm going to have to wait it out which is driving me CRAZY, I have also had on off dull cramping the past day or so and I keep wandering if it's AF on her way, trapped wind or again implantation. I'm trying to keep myself sane, almost impossible but Cadbury seem to be doing an OK job at this point... Other than I recently bought my friend a Grobag storage caddy for her and her new baby and I have decided to keep it for yours truly! It's too cute to give away plus once the LO doesn't need it I can use it for make up etc... here is a picture of what it looks like.... Lets see if this works.

So yea... I couldn't give it away as I like it too much, it also comes with a matching changing mat to boot.

I don't see any harm in buying/keeping the odd little thing or two?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A little about our journey so far...

I have been with my other half for coming up 2 and a half year and we have been trying to conceive for 18 months with no luck. About two years ago I was diagnosed with having PCOS and an under active thyroid and then I was commenced on Levothyroxine for my thyroid and Metformin for my PCOS.

We took a break from TTC as it takes it's toll as some of you will know and just focussed on being us!

We are back on the wagon and going full speed! I have my PCOS update scan tomorrow 03/11/2011 and the back to see my consultant to hopefully get my hands on Clomid to make me ovulate as most of the time I don't.

However... I had AF at the end of Sept and had spotting on 28/10/2011 (I presumed AF was arriving again) but she didn't. So I thought maybe it was implantation but it wasn't. However today! I have had more spotting but again it has vanished so I might leave it a couple weeks and test if the witch hasn't shown up in the mean time!

Baby dust to any others TTC reading this!

K xx

Theres always a first...

So if you're reading this welcome to my blog!

My name is Kat and it will mainly focus on my journey of trying to conceive our first child however I'm sure along the way I will add some baking/cooking recipes and pictures and shopping buys with some reviews and any nice interior design pictures I find so it will be a bit of everything :)

I have the link to this blog on only one website and that is babyexpert so if you've appeared from there to have a nose thank you for stopping by!