Sunday, 6 November 2011

Love & hate symptom spotting... Scans

Soooooo,  I had my scan for my PCOS update, I didn't drink enough however so I had to have the to put it nicely... internal scan, the sonographer could not tell me much only that my ovaries have the typical pearl necklace look to them for PCOS which is like what I had last time, I now have to wait for my consultant to contact me regarding maybe clomid :D I can't tell you how exciting that is...

In other bits... I have been symptom spotting like mad, after having spotting in late October and now spotting the last few days and today I have had creamy CM and the spotting has stopped? I couldn't resist but do a HPT but it was NEGATIVE :( boo hiss, I may do one in the morning and if that is still negative I may wait another week or so because the little hope left inside me is whispering in my ear maybe the spotting I most recently had was implantation?!?!?!?! Who knows, so I'm going to have to wait it out which is driving me CRAZY, I have also had on off dull cramping the past day or so and I keep wandering if it's AF on her way, trapped wind or again implantation. I'm trying to keep myself sane, almost impossible but Cadbury seem to be doing an OK job at this point... Other than I recently bought my friend a Grobag storage caddy for her and her new baby and I have decided to keep it for yours truly! It's too cute to give away plus once the LO doesn't need it I can use it for make up etc... here is a picture of what it looks like.... Lets see if this works.

So yea... I couldn't give it away as I like it too much, it also comes with a matching changing mat to boot.

I don't see any harm in buying/keeping the odd little thing or two?

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